The Dojo Martial Arts and Fitness Centre

Introducing the Dojo

Adults Ju-Jitsu

Adults JuJitsu Ballymena

The Dojo Martial Arts: learn to protect yourself, get in shape and start your journey to become a black belt. No experience needed!

Beginners are always welcome. Or, if you have trained before we will work on the foundations you already have. There is nothing like training in a dedicated Martial Arts Centre, with all the equipment needed, to take you from where you are, to where you want to be.

Kids Ju-Jitsu

Kids JuJitsu Ballymena

Boost your child’s self esteem in our safe and fun self-defence-based Ju-Jitsu classes. Our Martial Art teaches your child focus, discipline and respect, and it teaches them how to protect themselves should they ever need to.

Our team of highly trained coaches help your child to learn while making sure they enjoy their time with us. Come try out our kids' martial arts classes and see for yourself why parents – and children – simply love us.

The Dojo Network

The Dojo Network Ireland

The Dojo “Community Interest Company” - putting your interest first! Our centre treats everyone who comes through the door with the respect they deserve. The Dojo prides itself in being a place where you can learn in a safe and friendly environment.

We are recognised by the Governing Body in North-ern Ireland for the sport, which means you can be assured all our practices are safe and our coaches appropriately qualified, vetted and insured.

WWJ Ireland Logo

About WJJ Ireland

WJJ Ireland is the ‘mother organisation’ to the Dojo. We understand that you may not live close enough to the centre to attend the classes with us, but with 70 clubs throughout N.Ireland & several in the South, there will be a club close to you, which will give you the quality instruction that you need, to get you or your child qualified to nationally-recognised Black-belt standard.